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02: GALLERY : Sculptures : Time Triangles :
365 Sculptures for a Year
These triangles are part of a much larger installation of forty similar triangles that cover a year’s work over 365 consecutive days. Each smaller triangle within the larger one represents one single day, and contains an artefact found on that day, bound into a frame made of material found near the object.

One August day on a beach in Cornwall, I began to make a structure with a shell and three feathers, never thinking that exactly one year further on would see me in the same place on that same beach, fastening the 365th object into the 365th structure found during a year’s journey that had taken me all over this country, Scandinavia, and America.; an ‘object diary’ full of findings, each one different, and each one of which still sparks off a vivid memory of its own day, the place I was in, the people I was with, and the reason for my being there.

356 sculptures Constantine bay 365 sculptures for a year relief

The objects themselves have no intrinsic value; in monetary terms they are completely value-less, but to me they are priceless. Their nature is that, had I not found and used them, they would no longer exist, so transient is their structure and so insignificant is their importance.

365 Sculptures

The whole piece ‘Time-Triangles : 365 Sculptures for a Year’ has been exhibited in galleries and venues around the UK, and seems to have set many people off on their own track of finding and making, but in a way wholly personal to themselves. With regard to my own path down this road of discovery, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with sculptors David Nash and Andy Goldsworthy, and through them, for coming into contact with Chris Drury and his sculpture ‘Medicine Wheel’, which planted the seed of this idea in my own head. Thus it is, that ideas for works of art are passed on from one person to another, turned over in the hand and mind, and continued in another form.

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