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My paintings and drawings are generally related to landscape and the objects I have encountered within it, like the stones I have found that provide the starting points for my raku ceramics.

Bosley Cloud Boulder Dawn landscape

Like choosing a stone or bit of driftwood on a beach, the reasons for the choices of image are probably quite intuitive and therefore complex, and I don’t really begin to understand this process of personal selection. As we move around our eyes note tens of thousands of images a day, but only a few might stop us in our tracks for a moment longer while we visually digest them further before moving on. Just like artefacts in galleries and museums. One or two of the hundreds we pass might just draw us in further while we examine the component parts that ‘rang the bell’ in the mind. The others are like music that just plays in the background. As Henry Moore reminds us, picking just the one stone off the beach from the millions we leave, and putting it in our pocket, is almost an act of creation in itself. It might just be the one that fits the code in our heads that is looking for our perfect shape, form, weight, texture and colour, and in identifying it, we identify with it.

Frozen lake, Finland Garden Tree Monoliths

And drawing is like that. I am not particularly interested now in making images of ‘things’ or ‘views’; my camera and all its interesting technology can do that and a lot more quickly. I think what arrests my interest is more to do with looking for the basic – or formal – elements of art; the lines, shapes, textures, tones, colours and forms that have always excited artists. It is these things that are visually stimulating, and the ways in which they may react with each other. What they may eventually represent – the subject – comes about as a result of what the object is that the artist is looking at.

Portrait Root Drawing Tuscan landscape

For many artists, the subject is the starting point, but I think I must be looking for structures and surfaces first. The object/subject for me just happens to be a natural form because that is the environment in which I generally happen to be when I am most receptive to these elements. So an interesting juxtaposition of textures, tones and colour may be a tree against its background, a root against its earth, a boulder against its shingle or a hill against its sky, but I think for me, what it is, is secondary to what it does.

Morrland landscape Palm drawing Palm house drawing

Materials also have that quality. A drawing with a ballpoint pen can quickly develop an energy of its own that goes far beyond the object that merely began the process of recording, and the same is true of wood, stone, willow, clay, paint and any other medium that takes form in the hands of a human being. They each have a quality that should to be listened to and watched as they develop and change because of their own intrinsic qualities, rather than on any insistence that they do what we just demand of them, merely because we have the power.

If you would like further details of any of my works, please contact me.