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02: WORKSHOPS : Drawing

Drawing is the most fundamental activity of the visual artist and requires only the simplest mark-making instrument on a relatively plain surface for the process to begin.

The main media for this most exciting and rewarding mark-making activity are the rich variety of graphic tools and materials available at the moment.These can include pens, graphite, charcoal, chalks, crayons, brushes, sticks and pastels, but any material or tool that makes a mark can be used. One of the greatest pleasures of "drawing" is to experiment with these just to see what happens.

The term "drawing" can also be extended to apply to other closely related activities, such as modelling in clay or plaster, carving in wood or stone, constructing with wood or metal, and stitching and drawing with threads. The varieties of surfaces onto which "marks" can be applied is vast, and "paper" should be seen as merely one of these, rather than the surface onto which marks should be made. There is also a huge potential developing in the area of digital technology, and in terms of software and its uses, opportunities are changing and advancing daily.

Generally it is the use and purpose, rather than the media, that warrents the term "drawing"?, and in art and design its uses are many and varied.

Thus drawing involves the most fundamental visual elements of art that link the cave drawings of Lascaux to the most contemporary work in digital media:- lines become shapes, shapes are developed with tone, textures, and colour, and forms are thus made visible.

These may be used to record and describe from direct observation, memories and experiences, to investigate and analyse, to communicate information, to see and understand, to solve problems, to express ideas and feelings, and to be nothing more than an end in itself.

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